Skin care is deeply rooted in the ancient times, when making mixtures and applying them to the skin, was a sacred ritual of worshipping the divine feminine nature. In the modern over-stimulated and dynamic world we have lost this connection. Beauty ritual becomes a beauty routine. Spending time on something so seemingly superficial is considered selfish. Fast, hardly conscious application of a cream, bought in the nearest drugstore is the only treat, many women allow themselves.

I would like to encourage you to revive for yourself the power of ritual – cherish the bliss and joy; indulge yourself and celebrate your individual beauty.

My name is Ramina and I want to take you on the journey to healthy and glowing skin and share with you my discoveries and recipes in the area of holistic natural beauty and skin care.

I’ve started the project per se because I believe in simplicity and that the pure botanical ingredients have the greatest potential for our skin to heal. I also believe that the beauty and health starts from within, therefore I pursue the holistic approach of wellness. Since we are complex multidimensional beings, nourishing the skin can nourish our being not only on physical, but also on emotional and mental levels. That’s why natural fragrances are vital in my skin care products.

My story

For a long time in my life I was struggling with extremely dry skin, even though I was using some famous brands, one can buy in a pharmacy. Those products could only give me a feeling of short-time improvement, which vanished in an instant after I stopped applying them. After I have studied the INCI list, I’ve asked myself, if all these synthetics were really necessary.

The purpose of the conditional skin care brands is to make the skin addicted to the cream, that is why there are such ingredients used like parabens, PEG compounds, formaldehyde, etc. Your skin may feel nourished and moisturized after applying this kind of cream, but under the – mostly – mineral oil layer the skin is just dry and without any chance to breathe. After the first wash it feels again dry and pale.

The decision to dive deeper in the process of creating natural skin care for my needs was a turning point in my life. From that moment the problem of skin dryness has never appeared again. After giving positive feedback for my products, my family and friends have encouraged me to start this project and share my knowledge with people who are passionate about natural beauty and skin care.

I am sure, there are many of you, who have the same struggles with their skin like me, who want a simple and natural solution and don’t want to overpay for high-class commercials. For those of you, who are curious about natural ingredients and their virtue on human skin, I have created this site, where I share the formulas of my products and show you how you can easily create individual natural skin care of the highest quality.

Nature has all the answers.

Sincerely yours,


Ramina perse